SPONSORED: What happens to your guns after you die?

Artisan Rifles, making its debut at the British Shooting Show, is a unique service designed to answer that difficult question

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How to take your fire arms overseas

Are you planning on travelling abroad with your firearms? Stuart Farr gives some guidance

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Exposé – Has the CPSA spent over £40,000 disciplining lifetime member Clive Hames?

The woeful tale of a man who failed to get answers to his questions, so turned whistleblower – only to find himself disciplined by the Association he sought to help

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Law Commission finalises firearms report

For more information about the details of the report from our legal expert, check out the next edition of Clay Shooting

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Carrie’s confrontation

Rachel Carrie had shotgun taken away from her before shooting at Barry Buddon

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Get Bulletproof

New insurance company for shooters without joining an organisation

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BASC enhances legal expenses cover

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation is adding a new policy to its membership insurance package, which includes £100,000 of legal expenses for appeals against firearms licensing decisions

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Cabinet crisis

Legal expert Stuart Farr answers a reader’s question on shotgun cabinet capacity

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Processing Delays

Q I was recently notified by my local police Firearms Department that my shotgun certificate was due for renewal. I duly re-applied in good time and after a couple of days received an acknowledgement effectively telling me that due to

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Shooter power: vote with your feet

Q A couple of weeks ago, I went to a new local shoot I’d seen advertised and paid to shoot a 50-bird Sporting. I have to say the targets were awful. The traps malfunctioned almost continually. It seemed like nearly every other clay came out either broken or on totally erratic trajectories. In the end, I lost count of the number of ‘no birds’ I’d received. I got so fed up with the breaks in concentration that I packed my gun away and didn’t even bother with the last couple of stands.

When I complained, the refs were very dismissive. I asked for my money back and they basically told me to get lost. Do I have any legal rights in this?

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