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It’s time for the Clay Shooting Magazine Q & A, so let us know if you have any questions, we have the experts to answer them! Fiber Tip Q: One of the shooting grounds I am hoping to visit insists

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Target load review w/ Richard Atkins

Richard Atkins reviews 28 gram Target Loads in plastic and fibre wad from Spanish maker Rio The Rio cartridge brand has a long history, having been founded in 1896. Now a part of the large and successful Maxam Outdoors company,

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Richard Atkins tests the FOB Viper BG cartridge

The FOB Viper BG is a fibre wad cartridge with an important difference. Could it offer the best of two worlds, asks Richard Atkins Clay Shooting magazine recently featured two FOB plastic wad cartridges, the Viper BJ and the World;

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Showing some fibre

Hull Cartridge Company has introduced a fibre wad version of its popular Sporting 100 competition cartridges. Richard Atkins takes them to the proof house

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Moving On

Noting the important introduction of fibre wads, Tim Woodhouse weighs up the features and benefits in the 21-gram load

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