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Ethan Lowry on hand-eye coordination

Ethan Lowry on the importance of developing strong hand-eye coordination to enhance your shooting prowess Clay shooting actually involves more of the senses than people may think. You’re holding the gun (touch), watching for the clay (sight) and listening for

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Ethan Lowry on building core strength

Ethan Lowry takes a muscular approach to shooting with a look at the importance of building core strength. Ethan Lowry is a physiotherapist and a researcher specialising in pain and nutrition. He makes it to the clay ground two or

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How does caffeine effect your shooting?

Coffee: friend or foe? Ethan Lowry discusses the effects of caffeine on your shooting Those of us who are involved in shooting sports often find we need to set our alarm clock for some pretty unsociable hours. Pest control and

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Improve your balance… and your shot!

Your shotgun isn’t the only thing that should have good balance, and having good core strength will help with this according to Ethan Lowry

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Shooting with diabetes

Diabetic shooter Ethan Lowry shares advice for shooters who suffer with the disease, as well as those that might be able to help

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