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The Auto Sentinel vehicle safe comes in three sizes for the secure transportation and storage of firearms on shooting days. From £193 Available from T: 02082 546812

Travelling to shoots around the country can cause security concerns for your gun. Stuart Farr looks into what needs to be done and ways to best secure your gun in transit

When travelling around the country visiting different shooting grounds or entering competitions, it can be hard to know what to do with your gun whilst in transit. Not many hotels or bed and breakfasts provide gun‑storing facilities and it’s hardly practical to bring your own gun cabinet from home, so it is up to you to ensure that your weapon is stored safely. The issue is a common one and in 2005 the Home Office published a Firearms Security Handbook containing some guidance for people wanting to travel with their gun.

The Napier Security Cord Lock is 264cm (104”) long and is supplied with two high security keys. £17.31 Available from T: 01235 812993

The advice is largely aimed at using common sense and taking simple precautions such as making sure your vehicle is alarmed and trying to ensure it is not left unattended for extended periods of time. When parking, it is recommended that you try and park somewhere that would deter a break-in, for example on a busy street where any suspicious behaviour would be immediately noticed. It is essential, however, that your gun is not visible from the outside of the vehicle so you must make sure that it is always covered or stowed out of sight when you leave it in the car. It also may be worth separating any firing mechanisms from the gun before it is stored to maximise safety.

If you want to put your mind at rest completely though, it is worth looking at some of the products companies have produced to solve the problem of in-car security. Such a simple idea yet perhaps the perfect solution, the Napier Security Cord Lock is ideal for attaching your gun to the vehicle and is supplied with two high security keys.

Also on the market from Brattonsound is an in-vehicle gun safe. Available in three sizes, the Brattonsound Auto Sentinal gun safes feature superior strength, seven lever safe deadlocks, a full length anti jemmy bar and a recessed door to maximise strength and resistance to attack. It has brackets that can be fitted so it is easily removable if you prefer to keep your guns inside overnight, or for those who don’t want the hassle, there is an option to permanently fix it to the vehicle, meaning your gun is always safe and secure.

If possible, plan ahead so you know in advance how you are going to store your firearm, but however you choose to store your guns whilst on the road, the main advice is to behave responsibly and legally, taking any precautions you think necessary.

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