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Quattro Diamonds

Cartridge expert Richard Atkins tests the Quattro Diamond and Trap Gold Series: two more exceptionally consistent competition-grade loads from NSI

When we looked at the first two clay target loads from NSI recently the thing that particularly stood out was just how consistent they were; it would therefore be interesting to see if this would apply to other types in the range too.

The key word for these loads is consistency. NSI clearly knows how to make and match up all the components and then to assemble them well: achieving the SD figures of just 3.44 m/sec (11 fps) and 5.78 m /sec (19 fps) is remarkably consistent loading and is in fact even tighter than the last set of NSI test reviews. Whatever it is that has made the Quattro Diamond shot shiny, it certainly proved extremely hard when tested in the pellet crusher, giving an average Crush Value hardness of 18%; this the more exceptional because the shot was actually very slightly smaller than that of the Gold Series (smaller shot technically crushes the more readily). Patterns proved regular and dense, the Italian No 8 (UK 7.5) shot filling out the patterns well and particularly the central portion (Quattro Diamond almost 40% within a 20-inch diameter at 40 yards).The Trap gold series

Velocity levels for both are quite fast without being overly so, a great combination of being quick into the target without knocking the shooter about unduly. The powder burn with both was clean with both using fairly fast burning propellants: this put their mean pressures higher than the two previous loads but still well inside the CIP limit for 70 mm chambered guns. Recoil proved pleasant enough, the quicker burning characteristics suiting the tester fine. Both are clearly top performers. The Gold Series almost held the nominal choke boring while the Quattro Diamond exceeded it, despite slightly smaller (but harder) shot. These results show the shooter is able to select the cartridge to suit the situation; the Quattro Diamond with larger shot (Italian 7.5 / UK 7) for example should prove ideal for long range kills.

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