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From budget to blowout, our round-up of guns to tackle Trap shoots, and as we bring you a two part list, here is part two…


RRP from £7,015

Beretta’s flagship boxlock competition gun, the DT11 is winning medals worldwide, and is one of the hot favourites to be on the podium at the 2020 Olympic Games. The wide action and over-bored barrels make for a well-balanced, fast handling gun, which is smooth and soft to shoot. 

Long forcing cones reduce recoil. The DT11 is available in a number of Trap configurations, including the Black Edition, which features a carbon fibre rib and trigger unit.

The resulting weight reduction means a faster handling gun; though the Black Edition comes with a stock and barrel balancing system as standard if you’d like to add a bit of weight to the barrels.

Another option is the DT11 Black Edition Pro TSK. The ability to adjust every aspect of this stock with ease makes this a great option for those who like to make micro-adjustments to suit changing conditions.

The glove grip on the stock creates consistent hand placement and ensures the trigger finger is always in exactly the right position. Aesthetically, the TSK may not be to everyone’s taste, but at the end of the day, gun fit is critical to shooting your best.


RRP from £9,979

The long-standing choice of the serious clay shooter, over 50 percent of competitors in the six Trap finals at last year’s ISSF World Championships used Perazzi shotguns – and there is no doubt that the High Tech will be competing with the DT11 for the medals in Tokyo.

A heavier action on the High Tech concentrates the weight between the hands, resulting in a gun that is fast-handling yet steady to shoot, with minimal recoil. For the faster Trap disciplines, a new reverse tapered rib affords an improved field of view and more rapid target acquisition, but there is also the option if you want something heavier in the barrel for DTL.

The High Tech is available in a wide range of specifications. You can choose all elements, from rib width and height to chokes and barrel length. If you’re really committed to designing your dream Trap gun, you can visit the Perazzi factory in Italy, hand-select your preferred walnut blanks and have the stock custom-made to your measurements – the world is your oyster!


RRP from £12,500

Many consider the K80 Trap the ultimate DTL gun – and who could argue? Over the years Krieghoff have won everything there is to win, and the K80 is owned by some of the finest DTL shooters the world has ever produced.

The Krieghoff is renowned for its free-floating barrels that have a front hanger to adjust the impact of where the bottom barrel shoots. The weight in the barrels is well-distributed, but if you want to lose some weight out of the barrel end, then you can opt for titanium choke upgrades, which are 20 percent lighter than the factory standard steel ones.

These chokes are much longer, which assists pattern quality, especially from high velocity loads. The tapered rib brings the eye out beyond the barrels.

\Fitted with an adjustable comb as standard, the stock on the K80 Trap was designed with a rounded grip to promote a tighter hold, and the forearm is slimmer, which brings the hand closer to the barrel and gives you a better feel for the movement of the gun. The gun is heavy enough to soak up all the recoil without feeling fatigued, but not too heavy that the gun feels dead.

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