Latest round-up of Trap guns

From budget to blowout, our round-up of guns to tackle Trap shoots, and as we bring you a two part list, here is part one…


RRP from £1,665

The Miroku MK38 Trap is an established performer in all Trap disciplines. Well balanced and extremely pointable, despite being heavier than some of its counterparts, the MK38 sports a beavertail forend, ventilated recoil pad and fixed Full and ¾ chokes.

Based around a brilliantly solid action second to none in terms of reliability, the MK38 is available with grade 1 or 5 woodwork and engraving. Either option represents outstanding value for money, but the grade 5 (pictured) has superb quality, beautifully figured woodwork, complemented with subtle yet detailed engraving on the action. Potentially the gun of a lifetime, at an entry-level gun price. 


RRP £3,440

Browning haven’t been renowned for their Trap guns in recent years, but the new 725 Pro Trap is certainly one to consider. Quick to the shoulder and fast to the target thanks to a low-profile action, shooting the Pro Trap feels instinctive and comfortable.

There is minimal muzzle flip, and the gun feels very manoeuvrable. The stock dimensions are superb, with a nice-size pistol grip with palm swell; and a new high-performance mechanical trigger system results in precise, crisp trigger pulls.

The Pro Trap comes with the ‘Pro Balance System’, which allows for customisation of the balance through modifying the weight of the stock and barrels as required. Back-bored Vector Pro barrels incorporate long forcing cones to improve speed and patterning, and reduce recoil.

The Pro Trap comes with eight Invector extended chokes and two extra triggers. Combining Browning’s legendary reliability with the adaptability to suit the requirements of any serious sport shooter, the Pro Trap has everything you could want in a performance gun, and certainly takes some beating without breaking the bank.


RRP from £4,395

Where do you start with the Caesar Guerini Invictus? This gun has won almost every domestic trap title recently – the English and British ABT; English and British DTL, and, for the past two years running, arguably the biggest DTL event on the shooting calendar, the Krieghoff Classic, in the capable hands of Paddy Peters and Dan Price.

The ‘million-round’ Invictus action provides enough weight to give you all the control between your hands and soaks up the recoil, making it one of the smoothest guns on the market to shoot.

The Invictus has a slight step rib, which creates a more upright head position and makes sight alignment fast and easy. All models (I, III and V) come with an adjustable Monte Carlo stock and multi-chokes.

If you opt for the Invictus V model, this also features a re-designed DPS trigger system, which makes for an ultra-crisp feel, and a fully engraved side plate action. Whichever Invictus you choose, it doesn’t get much better than this for value and performance.

Want to find out about more Trap guns? Check in tomorrow for the second half of our round-up!

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