Wordcraft launch version 5 of DryFire target system

Wordcraft International has launched version 5 of its DryFire target simulation system which, since its invention, has grown to become an international success with over 20,000 users including world champions such as Aislin Jones, Junior World Skeet Champion for Australia.

Version 5 has added support for Apple Mac computers and supports targets as laser dots on a wall or as images of clays projected onto a screen in front of the shooter.

The wide variety of optional backgrounds adds a new level of realism to practice. There is also improved animation for broken clays and shot clouds.

The standard screen view shows a score card which is updated after every shot while leaving it possible to do repetitive practice on those targets you find particularly difficult.

With support for all types of sporting targets as well as Trap and Skeet up to Olympic level, DryFire now includes options for rifle and pistol practice. The Target Designer add-on allows you to quickly create your own targets for regular practice.

DryFire remains “wire free” – allowing free gun movement with no trailing cables to get in the way. The latest clip-on Universal Gun Assembly keeps a detailed record of all gun movement making it possible to examine gun motion after every shot.

“We are really pleased with new the user interface, especially the super easy calibration”, said Andrea Roach, Wordcraft’s MD and herself a qualified BASC coach “it brings the software bang up to date and makes it exciting to use while still providing all the detailed feedback that DryFire is famous for.”

More details of DryFire may be found on the Wordcraft web site: www.wordcraft.com

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