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If you are not familiar with the world of clay pigeon shooting, you may not have heard of George Digweed MBE. Hundreds of international and domestic titles won over four decades have secured his place in the history books of the sport. If you are a clay pigeon shooter, you cannot fail to know of him, such is his dominance of the scene.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 09.30.04George Digweed was born in Hastings, Sussex in April 1964. The shooting seed was sewn early on by his grandfather, George Hickman, who shot in a game shooting syndicate at Rolvenden, Kent. Young George accompanied George senior from an early age, initially beating and then at the age of eleven, being allowed to carry an unloaded gun for a year before taking his first shots.

George earned enough money to fund regular clay shooting trips and soon Sundays consisted of a trek around the South-East of England, sometimes taking five or six shoots along the way. Soon enough, these weekends would yield some prize money and enable the future champion to buy the essentials of fuel and cartridges.

‘A future champion was formed’

The record books speak for themselves. Friends and fellow competitors say that he is the most complete shot in the game – not the most natural, but the most complete. George Digweed has been phenomenally successful throughout his career, and is still notching up win after win to this day. With a reputation like this, and the trophy cabinet to match, it is easy to believe that George is invincible. However, there were years when others were able to pull something extra out of the bag to be able to reach that extra level, but George was rarely more than a point away from the win. Such defeats have only driven him on.

Shooting is a business and anyone as good as George is going to be involved in the business of shooting. As a clay and game coach, George is in demand the world over and being a regular contributor to the shooting press goes with the territory. There is so much that can be learned from George, that there is always an audience or a reader hanging on every word.

‘Protecting his hearing’

Like most sportsmen that get to the top of their sport, George demands the best from the equipment he uses, including protecting his hearing. In 2012, George became the brand ambassador for the leading range of electronic hearing protection for shooters in the UK, CENS® digital, manufactured by Puretone Ltd.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 09.30.37‘World class performance’

Designed and developed in the UK to the highest standards, CENS® ProFlex digital are CE-marked electronic noise suppressors optimised for many types of shooting disciplines.

‘CENS® ProFlex digital’

Puretone Ltd has been designing and manufacturing in the UK since 1976, and electronic noise protection has been a key focus, evolving from basic analogue systems in the early years to the latest multi-channel DSP architecture. Puretone is the only independent custom electronic noise protection design and manufacturing company in the UK. Focused on developing unique solutions to help preserve hearing and promote wellbeing, CENS® ProFlex digital is the flagship of Puretone’s hearing protection range.

A long term user of earmuffs, George initially adopted the CENS® ProFlex digital during field sports, wirelessly interfacing the CENS® ProFlex digital with his shoot radios for all of his commercial work. George initially said: “I am looking forward to trying out this new custom-made digital solution. I am excited to be able to use the product whilst game shooting, and feel it is unique to be able to use the product with the shoot communications system, so that the guns can continue to have a pleasant day without the cackle of the radio when I am around them.”

Since 2012, George can be frequently seen using his CENS® ProFlex digitals. The ability to hear surrounding ambient sounds and have a conversation without is a big advantage for George as he commentates and gives tips while he shoots, something that would be a lot more difficult with traditional over the ear hearing defenders.

George said “Not only does CENS® digital provide excellent noise suppression and the ability to hear ambient noise such as wing beats, they still allow you to have a normal conversation without the need to remove them. This makes them an invaluable part of my game shooting equipment.”

‘Greatest honour’

With 23 world, 18 European and nearly 150 other major titles, you might think that George had achieved everything, but surely the greatest honour was to be awarded the MBE (Member of the British Empire) in 2009. However, it doesn’t seem as if George will be resting any time soon, as well as great work for and on behalf of his chosen charities, he’ll continue to ensure his top level game shoots are running smoothly and still find time to compete at the highest level of clay shooting.

It is clear that the story hasn’t finished yet.

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