UK Game Fair reveals prize breakdown for its clay-line competitions

There’s a five-figure prize pot up for grabs at the UK Game Fair Classic, the new Sporting clay shoot coming to the shooting line at the UK Game Fair this summer.

Comprising a 50 Sporting re-entry and 25 Sportrap re-entry, the UK Game Fair Classic has released details of its £10,000 prize breakdown, which is well-funded enough to get the country’s top shots interested, while offering prizes throughout the classes and categories to ensure there is something for all breeds of clay shooter.


There’s a daily High Gun prize of £500 in the Sporting competition and £250 in the Sportrap shoot, with class winners pocketing £100 in each.

Leading ladies, juniors, veterans and colts will receive 500 Eley Hawk cartridges each day.

Moving through the prize breakdown, daily Runners Up receive £250, while prizes go down to third place in each class and category. Class Runners Up win £75 and third-place finishers £50, while category runners-up will receive 250 cartridges and third-places 125.

And there’s an aggregate prize to shoot for, too: The event’s aggregate High Gun receives another £500, with the runner-up getting £400 and third place taking £325 home.

“This impressive prize structure will attract the some of the best Sporting shooters in the world. If you shoot well over three days, you could be taking home two grand,” said Huw Hopkins, editor of Clay Shooting magazine.

“But it’s important that the competitions aren’t just about them. With prize payouts the same across all the classes and again across all the categories, this is a competition with inclusivity at its heart – just as it should be for the UK’s premier game fair.

“As a rule of thumb, newer shooters want more bang for their buck, while the experienced pros want more buck for their bang. I’m genuinely excited about a set of competitions that caters for both – I just wish I could enter myself.”

BASC Instructor teaching chefs

Something for everyone

The UK Game Fair’s clay line isn’t just for crack shots – tuition and have-a-go stands provided by EJ Churchill and BASC will ensure that newer shooters or those looking to improve will be well catered for.

As part of the Experience campaign, first-timers will be able to shoot 10 clays for £10 with an accredited coach – so you or your non-shooting friend can have their first ever shooting experience in a safe and above all enjoyable manner.

For those with a bit of shooting experience, you’ll be able to spend more time with a coach, taking an in-depth look at your technique over 20-30 shots.

Eley Hawk has supplied some 14,000 cartridges for use on the have-a-go stands – bringing the prize and sponsorship total to £20,000 over the show’s three days.

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