Trophies on Shetland

The final two trophy shoots of 2013 were held recently at Shetland Clay Target Club.

UT High Gun Ewen Johnson

UT High Gun Ewen Johnson

The Universal Trench competition saw a fine performance from Ewen Johnson, who took the UT trophy for this year. After falling behind other competitors in the first round, Ewen greatly improved his game in the second round, missing just one target to finish on 44ex-50. Peter Davis was overall Runner Up, after two consistent rounds of 21 apiece. The first round in particular produced some close scores, with Peter, John Magnus Laurenson and Bryan Sutherland all hitting 21 birds. John finished in third place with 41, and Bryan came fourth on 39.

Following this, the 50-bird Sporting competition was shot over two rounds of Compak Sporting. The layout was set that each shooting position offered a single target and two pairs over the five stands.

Darren Leslie won his first of what is likely to be many club trophies, following a tense shoot off with Peter Ratter. Darren and Peter finished the opening round on 20ex-25, a point behind Ewen Johnson. They knew everything was still to shoot for, though the second round brought a different order of how the targets were presented from the different stands. Darren and Peter maintained their high standard on shooting, hitting another 20 each to tie for first place.

Sporting High Gun Darren Leslie

Sporting High Gun Darren Leslie

The shoot-off saw both competitors take on another full round of 25 targets. Peter was slightly ahead until the last five, when he missed a pair and evened out the scoreboard once again. With one pair left to shoot, Darren hit both and Peter missed his final target, losing out on the title by one point.

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