Todd Bender headed to UK

One of the greatest Skeet shooters of his generation, Todd Bender will return to the UK in 2015 for a series of clinics.

Bender, Todd

Starting on 5 March, the multiple-time world champion for National Skeet will tour England for three days before heading to Ireland on 10-11, then Todd will return to the mainland on 12-14 March in Scotland.

Todd will visit New Zealand and Australia at the end of November and throughout December before travelling back to USA throughout January and February.

If you would like to book a slot on his clinic tour, visit Todd’s website.

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One comment on “Todd Bender headed to UK
  1. Andrew Foxall says:

    Dear Sirs
    For your info I have had the following conversation with Hannah, could you therefore please keep me informed as to what Todd’s visit to the UK is going to cost etc?

    Hannah: Welcome to Todd Bender Performance Systems Intl.! My name is Hannah, may I have your name so I know who I’m chatting with please?

    Guest: Andrew Foxall

    Hi Hannah I am enquiring as to what the Todd Bender coaching sessions in Northampton England will cost please?

    Hannah: Hello! Pleased to meet you, Andrew. I would be happy to check that for you. Are you looking to enroll in the coaching sessions?

    Guest: Possibly it depends on what a coaching session would cost ie how many hours per day, refreshments etc

    Hannah: I understand. Just to confirm, you are interested in the Northampton, England schedule on March 5-8 2015 organized by Martin Maxwell, correct?

    Guest: Yes that is correct.

    Hannah: Wonderful! To best help you,allow me to have someone from our Todd Bender Performance System Client support team to send you the information about the clinic including the prices and what are included in the sessions so that you may view it at your convenience and make the best decision. Will that work for you?

    Guest: Ok Thank you Hannah that would be good. You can contact me by email at or my cell phone 07779057935

    Hannah: Thank you very much for sharing your contact information with us. Rest assured that the details will be sent to you at the soonest possible time. Will there be anything else that I may help you with?

    Guest: One point I should mention is the fact that I am an A rated trap shooter but have not shoot the skeet discipline. would that be a problem

    Hannah: That’s a good question and we would look forward to having you join us. However, allow me to have this confirmed with our Client Support Team so that we may supply you with the most accurate information. Is there be anything else that I may assist you with?

    Guest: No that’s all thank you Hannah. Have a great day Best regards Andrew Foxalll

    Hannah: It has been a pleasure chatting with you today and I hope you have enjoyed your live chat experience. If we may be of further assistance please do not hesitate to click LIVE CHAT, we are here for you 24-7. Have a great day!

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