The Olympic Experience Competition and Novice Schools Challenge results

Sunday 30 August saw the Oxford Gun Company host the British Shooting Olympic Experience Competition. The competition format was 50 DTL in two rounds of 25, followed by an Olympic style semi-final and final.


There was a great turnout for the event, with young shots from all over the UK coming together to compete for in the two disciplines. James Lewis was first in the Boys competition, from Harry Coward and Jake Janes. Heather Dunmall won the Ladies contest and Izzy Docherty and Naomi Chapman were second and third respectively.


The event received great support and a number of talent spotters were present, encouraging youngsters to work towards becoming a part of the British shooting teams.


The final of the Schools Challenge Novice Instruction Day was also held on 30 August. Of the 50 people that attended instruction days throughout August, 11 qualified for the final. Alfie Ireland and Naomi Chapman won the Boys and Ladies competitions respectively. David Florent of the Oxford Gun Company said: “It was great to see 50 people come through the novice instruction days, with most of them not having any previous experience at all. Congratulations to all the winners on the day.”

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