The CLA Game Fair is no more

The Country Land & Business Association will no longer run the CLA Game Fair, and is cancelling the scheduled Ragley Hall event in 2016.

IMG_9586After three years of declining footfall, the CLA will go out with a whimper following the 2015 event at Harewood House, and the director general of the CLA, Helen Woolley spoke of the association’s regret in a formal statement: “We are clear that the Game Fair can no longer be run by the CLA in its current form. We will, however, begin a period of consultation in which we will invite proposals from other organisations on how the Game Fair might be able to continue.”

In a message to CLA members, president Henry Robinson said that “the event did not meet its targets for exhibitor and sponsor income, and most of all we saw a further decline in attendance.”

If you would like to offer views and feedback to the CLA regarding game fairs and how they should be run in the future, contact

For a full statement on why the CLA Game Fair will no longer be run, click here. 

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3 comments on “The CLA Game Fair is no more
  1. Adamwalsh says:

    Its a shame it isin my opinion the best game fair there is . The problem is entrance fee to heigh , trade stall fees to heigh , i realise you have to make a proffit , but try stream lining it , and loose some dead wood , i wish you well and hope you can resulve your issues , becouse it was always a very good and well run event

  2. Chloe says:

    As a family of four it’s just too expensive as a day out. I expect exhibitor fees are also too much for smaller businesses to warrant spending. Make it an affordable family day out then the footfall will increase.

  3. too many greedy people!

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