Successful Summer Series comes to a close

Prescott Shooting School has completed its run of six Hull Cartridge Company Summer Series registered competitions.

Unknown-1The aim of the competition was to take the four best scores from each competitor from six dates and reward the highest combined score in each class.

Steve Lovatt won the final shoot convincingly with 97ex-100 to finish on 368ex-400 for the series and top AA-class. Huw Stephens proved consistent each time he shot and completed the series on 359ex-400 in A-class. B-class winner Brian Chaplin hit 332 and Steve Keating took the C-class crown on 319.

The Hull Cartridge Series will return in 2015, though Prescott Shooting’s Daniel Martin teased that there will be a “FITASC element” to the competition as well as more prizes and an annual trophy.

Prescott Shooting will host two more registered events this year on 25 October and 29 November.



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