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We are all affected by the Covid-19 crisis to some extent. Half of the world’s population is in lockdown. Businesses and offices have had to close. Some of us are still able to work from home.

Obviously, this is not an option for gun dealers, who have had to shut up shop just as the shooting season opened.

Gun dealers are not just a link between manufacturers and hunters or shooters. They are more than that. They are the ones who make our passion a daily reality; the ones who turn a standard gun into a custom fit; who give you advice on the items that bring you the most enjoyment.

Companies like Browning and Winchester have to face the fact that some gun dealers risk being hit hard by this crisis. Hunters, shooters and manufacturers must come together to help them.

That is why they have set up: https://yourlocalgunshopneedsyou.uk/

At yourlocalgunshopneedsyou.uk you can make a promise to buy a Browning or Winchester gun from your gun dealer. Once you have filled in the short form and your promise has been sent to the gun dealer, they will send you a gift pack to your home.

Then, when the lockdown is lifted, your gun dealer will get in touch with you to arrange the purchase of your new gun.

Now, more than ever, we all need to remain together, against the coronavirus and in support of our gun dealers!

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