SPONSORED: WJ Bowman at the British Shooting Show

WJ Bowman are bringing a wide range of traps to the British Shooting Show.

Their range includes traps for individuals, clubs, commercial grounds and simulated shoots.

The Supermatch 1 is, in WJ Bowman’s opinion, the best entry level trap on the market; it’s a must see for anyone wanting to shoot at home.

Boasting excellent features such as 75° elevation, standard and midi hoppers, cast main frame, 0.9 second reload speed and 3-year warranty it’s a great price at £899.00 over £100 savings from RRP.

At the British Shooting Show, WJ Bowman will be showcasing their most popular club trap, the Supermatch 6 in standard, battue, multi-clay, left-hand, and upside-down variations.

WJ Bowman will be at the British Shooting Show!

They elevate to springing teal and tilt 40° left and right providing the best angles for sporting targets – see how quickly these traps can be adjusted without the use of spanners.

As the simulated season is approaching, WJ Bowman are bringing the big guns, including the Flurry Master and Big Foot DTL Trailers.

WJ Bowman’s say that their Multi-Clay Supermatch 8 machines are “the most powerful traps on the market and are revolutionising simulated game.”

Having the ability to throw a mixture of clay sizes from one machine gives a realistic representation of live quarry and the ultimate flexibility to tailor your drives to the needs of the guns.

WJ Bowman also have information about their Game and Grouse trailers to view.

For all the information you need on WJ Bowman, just visit: http://www.bowmantraps.co.uk/

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