SPONSORED: Decoying Doubles – transferring skills from clay shooting to pigeon shooting

I know there’s a world of difference between shooting real pigeons and their clay counterparts, but I was surprised recently to see a friend really struggling to make an impression on some woodies he was decoying.

As far as I could see he was doing everything by the book; including letting the incoming birds decoy in close and waiting until they were committed to land before moving to fire.

The first barrel was generally a hit, but the problems arose on the second shot. This resulted in a pretty disappointing kill-to-cartridge ratio.

Take the most difficult first.

This example shows why it’s important to shoot the more difficult target/bird first. Take the easier target with the second shot.

Modern decoying equipment such as whirlies or magnets, although attracting pigeons to your pattern, can if inappropriately placed, cause the pigeons to jink and flare. Therefore making the shots more difficult.

To consistently hit the target, make sure your landing zone in the decoys is a sensible distance (20 -30 yards). This gives your gun and cartridge combination the best chance of success. Moving your decoys closer also gives you the time and distance to take a second bird.

Read more here: www.basc.org.uk/decoying-doubles/

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