Special cartridges launched for left-handed shooters

Persevier Cartucce of Italy has announced a brand new cartridge load that will improve ballistics and target accuracy specifically for left-handed shooters.


The company claims that the cartridges are loaded in such a way that will enhance the balance and characteristics of left-handed shotguns.

Persevier’s managing director Olaf Pirlo said: “The left-handed market is not catered for in any way when it comes to shotgun ammunition, but by moving all the loading machines to the opposite side of the factory we can ensure they are manufactured in a way that will assist the left hookers among us.

“By using state-of-the-art components from some of the world’s leading suppliers, as well as our own water-based wads that evaporate when the shot is fired to make sure the pellets are uninterrupted during their flight, we feel this will reinstate Persevier Cartucce back as the market leader.”

Persevier is a notable Italian company that originally began making rifle ammunition in the Brescia region in 1892, but it struggled to continue operating when orders dried up in the early 1990s, following the fall of the Berlin Wall led to the demise of the Cold War. The business continued operating at a much smaller scale in the shed of the founder’s great grandson Carionan Persevier, but today marks its return to the rung of top-flight Italian manufacturers.

The cartridges will be available in 24 and 28 gram in plastic and fibre, but Mr Pirlo confirmed that they are likely to introduce a 21-gram training load in the future if the first batches prove popular, and the game-shooting market is something they will target in July and August, so stay tuned.

You can expect to see a full review of the Mancino cartridges in a future edition of Clay Shooting magazine.

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3 comments on “Special cartridges launched for left-handed shooters
  1. Send me 10,000 and I’ll be Senior Super Veteran Fitasc shooter in quick time!

  2. Jim says:

    OMG, I fell for that one…….April 1st today.

  3. Werner says:

    April fool? I’m a left hooker and this did make me laugh

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