Richard Faulds tops 2019 Sporting averages

Richard Faulds is top of the tree in both English and Compak Sporting.

Richard Faulds winning the English Open Compak championship back in March 2019

He ranked No.1 in both disciplines in the CPSA’s list of top 20 shots for 2019, achieving an absolutely phenomenal 95.197% average in English Sporting with 2,418 hits scored out of 2,540 registered targets shot. 

Close behind him was Martin Myers, who hit an average of 94.382% over a total of 8,242 targets – that’s a lot of shooting!

Cheryl Hall topped English Sporting ladies with an average of 85.563%, and
she also came first in ladies for Fitasc Sporting and Compak Sporting. 

Elsewhere in the English Sporting list, Tristan Hockey was No.1 in colts, James Bradley-Day led juniors, and Steve Brightwell was first in veterans.

Austin Coxhead took first in DTL, with an impressive 98.9111 average over 1,500 targets. Stuart Smith topped English Skeet with a round 99% of 1,000 targets. Paul Westaway was first in ABT, Nathan Hales in UT, Marcus Iddon in Helice, Richard King All Round, and Freddie Killander Olympic Skeet.

The Ling family achieved several appearances in the list for Olympic Trap, with Ed Ling top of the list with 94.571%, his wife Abbey first in ladies, Theo 2nd in juniors to Thomas Betts, and Steve 2nd in super vets to Reg Toms.

Notably Double Trap Olympic medallist Peter Wilson, who has switched to OT, made third place with 94.468%, just behind Aaron Heading on 94.564%.

The full list makes fascinating reading and can be viewed or downloaded at the CPSA website at

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