Podimore “doesn’t exist”

Podimore Shooting Ground recently applied to South Somerset District Council to extend its opening hours, but was told that there was no record of its existence.

Bacgground Photo c

Owner Kevin Newton was asked to provide proof that clay shooting had taken place at High Farm in Yeovil, so Clay Shooting magazine trawled through library archives and found club listings and results from 1991.

Hopefully that should be proof enough that Podimore does exist, and done for a long time. Otherwise, plenty of people in the south west will have to explain where they have been most Sundays for the past 25 years.

We are also keeping our fingers crossed that the council agrees to the extended opening hours.

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2 comments on “Podimore “doesn’t exist”
  1. Brian Coram says:

    The ground originally began in the mid 80’s. A petition should be started to save this resource, with details of who has memories of shooting at Podimore over the last twenty years or more.

  2. ken trimmer says:

    been shooting at podimore grounds for 10-12 years, i now shoot there with my grandson,if you stop your car in the village you cant hear any noise from the shoot,the shooting grounds been there for years,why are people complaining now,
    ken and jack

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