Peter Wilson MBE writes to ISSF in a bid to save Double Trap

Peter Wilson has weighed in on the discussions concerning the canning of Double Trap from the Olympic agenda after Rio 2016.

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After winning multiple ISSF medals and Olympic gold at London 2012, Peter Wilson MBE is a respected voice in the world of Double Trap. Last week he spoke exclusively to Clay Shooting following the leak of minutes from a meeting between the ISSF and the IOC that suggested the discipline would not be around for much longer, but now he has written and released a letter to the shooting federation in a bid to stop Double Trap from being removed.

He sent the letter to Clay Shooting and said “the gloves are off.”

The letter said:

Dear Mr Schreiber,

I hope you don’t mind me emailing you out of the blue, but given the recent publication of an ISSF report that outlines plans to remove Double Trap from the Olympic Games I am extremely concerned that the discipline is being sold short. More recently there has been a concerted effort to raise the profile and popularity of Double Trap and I am confident that with your support and enhanced media coverage we can work together to grow the discipline.

The intrinsic difficulty of Double Trap has implications for participation, but despite that quota places have been won by countries of all shapes and sizes, such as Malta, Sweden, Guatemala, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates, not just World powers.

The issue of equality is an interesting one, it cannot be a matter of strength as women compete on equal terms with men in all 3 equestrian events, controlling a horse that weighs half a ton, and win. In the light of which there seems no reason why women should not be able to compete with men on equal terms. However, if positive discrimination is considered to be the answer then the allocation of quota places will need to reflect this.

I have spoken to the vast majority of Double Trap athletes who are all in favour of open competition with women and any development that would enhance the viewers experience. This would feed through to increased participation, which makes me wonder why anyone would want to remove it. The only conclusion that I am left with is that it is being banned because it is extremely difficult, but to drop Double Trap for that reason is morally wrong and goes against everything the Olympics stands for.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Wilson

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4 comments on “Peter Wilson MBE writes to ISSF in a bid to save Double Trap
  1. Llasera Laurent says:

    Merci Mr Wilson

  2. a n shooter says:

    sorry Peter what you achieved was incredible but there are to many people lining there own pockets in double trap and no new blood coming thru just have a look how we did last week in RIO not one single medal in any discipline. Very poor
    the people running the young talent are not even shooters when will people wake up

  3. Congratulations Peter… We must make a big effort over this issue… I propose
    to do a video with testimonials from around the world shooters and confederations on the maintenance of Double Trap. I stand layout to edit this video and colect testimonies.

    Brazilian DT shooter

  4. Panicos panagi says:

    Its about time to make changes for dtrap and not to ban the event _we heard of what is hapenning and shooters disagree

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