New Zoli High Rib shotgun

Edgar_July14_005Zoli is launching the High Rib 12-gauge shotgun, in sporting and trap versions. The new shotgun, which took three years to develop, features an adjustable rib that can be raised or lowered to suit the shooter by simply adjusting a dial at the end of the barrels.

Available as the Kronos, Z-Sport and Z-Extra for English sporting shooting and for trap shooting, the High Rib sports a silver soldered rib, chrome-lined bores, a detachable trigger and an adjustable comb height on the stock. Distributed in the UK on an exclusive basis by Edgar Brothers, the new Zoli shotgun gives a greater field of view to shooters with the improved sight picture contributing to increased performance on the clay ground.

Zoli Brand Ambassador Becky McKenzie, who is the current UK FITASC champion, commented: “I have tested the new Zoli High Rib with great effect and as with all Zoli shotguns, it is perfectly balanced, extremely well built and very easy to use. The High Rib greatly improves the sight picture and the fact that it will contribute to more broken clays will ensure it is extremely popular with both sporting and trap shooters.”

Derek Edgar, Managing Director of Edgar Brothers, added: “We first saw the concept of the High Rib when we toured the Zoli factory several years ago. Zoli products go through rigorous design and testing process before they reach the market and the final result of the Zoli High Rib is not only beautiful but also a joy to shoot.”

MSRP: Kronos £4,400; Z-Sport £6,211; Z-Extra £7,486

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One comment on “New Zoli High Rib shotgun
  1. John Culleton says:

    Just purchested a zoli 32″ m/c trap fixed high rib ? was not aware it was avaible ajustable.
    Use it for the first time last sunday ( pleased enough with the results )expecting greater results next time.
    Supplied by
    Mr Liam Walsh
    Irish Shooting Sports
    Co. Kerry
    A pleasent/deasent man to deal with.
    Long may he continue in business.
    John Culleton.

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