Maionchi AZ20s are back

Older shooters will fondly remember Maionchi AZ20 cartridges – well, they’re back!

The AZ20 was a popular clay load in the 1980s, and some shooters swore by them for pigeon shooting too. Now Garlands, based near Tamworth in Staffordshire, are distributing the Italian cartridges in the UK, offering them in 21, 24 and 28 gram loads with plastic or fibre wads. The bold blue and yellow boxes will look familiar too.

Maionchi say that their shells are “loaded with high quality components, assembled with care and passion, from the plastic case, identified by the Maionchi metal head, to the best primers, powders and wads.”

They add “after detailed research, development and awareness of the market’s new needs, time has finally come to bring back this prestigious brand to consumers who still have fond memories of experiencing breathtaking outcomes while selecting their favourite Maionchi cartridge.”

The 12-bore 28g plastic wad load is expected to retail for £198 per thousand, with a choice of 7.5, 8.5 or 9.5 shot.

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