Load and launch – clays and traps to suit all shooters

We would be nowhere without the traps and clays that course setters use to create fun and challenging competitions around the country. Launchers come in all shapes and sizes, from the big names like Promatic and Laporte, to those that build machines for smaller clubs like Acorn and Hotshot. But there are also a number of clays made from different material in a range colours that makes the targets an interesting test wherever you shoot.

Here are a few that you might see out on the shooting ground near you.


Black Wing is a starter machine ideal for use by one or two shooters at a time. It will hold 50 clays but is versatile and has a throwing distance of 65-75 metres, at angles anywhere up to 45 degrees using standard clays, with a midi converter available.



The new pay-and-clay system from Clay Pigeon Company is wiClay. It uses a card to count targets launched without the assistance of a referee or ground representative, and the audit feature in each counting unit stores the total number of targets counted.





Since 1982 , CCI has been producing high quality targets, including the original smoking clay. Today the British company manufactures 100 million clays a year in seven colours and across 110mm, 90mm, 60mm, battue and rabbit sizes.




Laporte has a strong reputation for traps and the USP of its new 12-column model is the 700-clay capacity with fully adjustable base for extreme positioning, and throwing distance of over 100m.





Acorn’s new modular product line caters for all skill levels and budgets from the cost-effective RapidFire 90 Pro to the versatile Autoclay 320 Daisy Chain System and the high-road-legal Simulated Game Trailer.




The Multi Clay Trap is made for various disciplines on just one carousel. The Knife Splitter Roller System allows can be used as a standard trap, or it can throw clays from midi or mini inserts up to 150m.





Swedish manufacturer Superstar (distributed through Shooting Star) has chance the profile of the rabbits so they run along truer lines, with enhanced colours and greater breakability. Standard 110mm clays come in black, orange, white, yellow and green.





The Clay Pigeon Company, the UK branch of Laporte, makes the 110mm CPC Standard Clay Target – one of the most popular targets – but its range includes Eco, Mini and Battues available, as well as many others. Rigorously quality-controlled and available in a range of colours.




Hotshots’ products are inspired by small clubs that have to set up and clear away on a Sunday morning, so, the traps are fairly compact, manoeuvrable, and with the Radio Release attached. Traps are convenient to use and transport (fitting in most hatchbacks).

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