Lead Ammunition Group continues meetings despite DEFRA receiving report

DEFRA has received the Lead Ammunition Group’s report – a document that did not involve any pro-shooting consultation following the resignations of Sir Barney White-Spunner, John Batley and Ian Coghill – but the group continues to hold meetings.


Minutes from the latest meeting simply showed that the public is no closer to hearing a decision on whether or not lead in shotgun cartridges will be banned.

The decision could mean big changes in shooting, yet shooters were not represented in the process. But minutes form the meeting said: “LAG was confident that the approach and conclusions were robust.”

Former pro-shooting members of LAG have submitted their own report to DEFRA to counteract the report.

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There is a petition on the UK Government and Parliament website calling for signatures to keep all lead ammunition. Click here to sign it.

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One comment on “Lead Ammunition Group continues meetings despite DEFRA receiving report
  1. mark taylor says:

    gotta keep the kwango going so they get paid unbelievably biased group of non representative numpties!

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