Kids Shoot Free – more grounds added

Our campaign to get more kids involved in our sport is growing as a host of grounds are keen to get involved and build a future for our sport

Do you remember the first time you held a shotgun? And the first time you smashed a clay? That fantastic feeling when you first shot two in a row or won your first competition.
Clay Shooting’s Kids Shoot Free campaign is fighting for more kids to be given these memories and for them to be shared with a parent, grandparent or
family friend.

Working in association with BASC, the UK’s largest shooting organisation, and a growing number of shooting grounds around the UK, our campaign allows kids to shoot free alongside a full fee-paying adult.

Joshua and Summer Dawson were among the first children to shoot for free

We’re committed to promoting our sport within the wider community, and after a recently-published Unicef report showing that British kids crave more time with their parents over material wealth, especially whilst enjoying outdoor activities, this scheme is the perfect solution. Our campaign offers you the chance to help develop and grow our sport as well as allowing your kids the chance to enjoy quality time under the supervision of a parent whilst shooting and learning valuable personal skills of discipline and responsibility.

Clay shooting is a fantastic opportunity for your child to enjoy the great outdoors and they will benefit from the friendly and supportive shooting community as they grow up.

You never know – your child could be the next George Digweed or shoot for their country at the Olympics!

Get involved in our nationwide campaign and help us build a future for clay shooting.

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