Joe Kitson resigns from CPSA board of directors

Revered shooting coach and long-serving member of the CPSA, Joe Kitson has resigned from his post on the board as the West Midlands regional director over a catalogue of reasons.

Joe Kitson (centre) volunteering to coach newcomers into the sport

Joe Kitson (centre) volunteering to coach newcomers into the sport

In a letter written to CPSA members, he said he felt that chairman Terry Bobbett was unpleasant to him during Joe’s first year on the board, which didn’t get off to a great start after Mr Bobbett told Joe that he was “not on the board to represent the members” but there to represent the company.

The letter said he was also refused audio recordings of a board meeting and didn’t agree with decisions made by Mr Bobbett and the independent director and solicitor Ben Moorhead, especially following the series of events that saw Terry Bobbett lose his seat as national director but earn another spot as a regional director that led to him regaining his place as chairman.

Joe showed concern over the running of the Skeet committee, which he volunteered to help run but was told to resign, and since then the Skeet committee hasn’t met once.

In a candid moment, Joe wrote: “As some of you may know, I have been receiving treatment for lymphatic cancer, which is hopefully now coming to a successful conclusion. However, such events do bring your life into a somewhat sharper focus and I have therefore decided that I will no longer serve on the board of directors.”

He apologised to the West Midlands region but felt that he can no longer be part to what he sees as spending company funds on unjustified matters.

Download the full text here. There will be more related to this in the next issue of Clay Shooting.

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6 comments on “Joe Kitson resigns from CPSA board of directors
  1. Nicola Heron says:

    I cannot believe that in this day and age the Board of the CPSA have still not learnt any lessons from all the legal problems they encounter. It was also at a pre AGM board meeting that Colin Butler left the board meeting visibly distressed and in tears. He met with his region’s officials and told them what had happened that morning during the pre AGM Board meeting. He then left the venue an hour before the AGM started. At the time he had the majority of CPSA members votes for the position of Chairman of the Association. However as he was not present when the AGM started at 2pm the members votes could not be counted and the Chairmanship stayed with Terry Bobbett. Now a couple of years later we hear Mr Kitson’s experience at a pre AGM meeting..!!
    Mr Kitson has been a legend of the sport and should not be treated in this way by people who have no idea what he has done for the Association over all the years that he has been a member.
    It is a disgrace.

  2. Peter milling says:

    It’s sad when joe has given so much for the sport.He has nurtured so much talent to the point where they win medals for our country and doesn’t get the respect he deserves
    I wish him well in his recovery,and all he does for the sport

  3. a shooter says:

    when will people start to see that these associations are all corrupt all they are interested in are themselves and what they can get out of it. the cpsa is a joke the don’t recognise that it is the young talent that are the future of the sport I have been to big events where they have forget the bring the medals for colts and juniors and you can see the heartbreak on the kids faces .joe kitson legend.someone needs to investigate yet another corrupt association (fifa mk2)

  4. Mick Harlow says:

    My symathies lie with Mr. Kitson, I feel that the CPSA should really think what they are there for, to represent shooters and the sport, not the prima donna’s that seem to be in control, who was it said, ignore the people at your peril?
    Look what’s happened to the CLA, they thought they were fireproof, think on CPSA, here’s one who won’t be joining the CPSA until things change.

  5. Theodorus Wax says:

    A lot of comments from people who have little knowledge of JK and his antics over the years.

  6. clive griffiths says:

    Terry Bobbet certainly seems to get himself into the centre of controversy doesn’t he? First there was the spat with Nicola Heron (a damn good rep. on the board)costing over £20k. With him being held to account by the Courts. Who paid? Us poor members! Now this! There was also the contentious issue with Phil Boakes in the not too distant past that the CPSA managed to mishandle. What next? One has to ask oneself, what is the point of remaining a member of an organisation that cannot keep it’s house in order, and maintains a fractious dysfunctional internal system that only benefits the legal profession.

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