Helena Romanes wins third Under-15s Schools Challenge title in a row

20150503_175714Helena Romanes continues to build the best shooters under the age of 15. During the first two legs of the Schools Challenge, the Essex-based comprehensive has won the category for the third year in a row, which is a first since the competition’s started.

The school gets support from The Fennes, Hull Cartridge Company, Just Choking and Matt Coward-Holley.

Teacher and coach Neal Wilcox said: “It’s been a real honour to watch the students progress. They are thirsty to develop themselves and they do all that is asked of them time and time again. Most of the team were new to the first squad this year after many of the original team have become too old for the bracket. Nevertheless they seized the baton and have kept the name on the trophy and the dream of a comprehensive shooting team alive.”

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