Gamebore launch enviro-friendly wads in steel ammo

Gamebore have launched a new full cup wad that is biodegradable and safe to the environment – and it’s designed for steel shot.

The new Bio-Wad steel game shells will be available to order in August

For Gamebore, it represents a significant step in the development of environmentally friendly cartridges, at a time when there’s increasing focus on reducing single-use plastics and lead shot in shooting.

The new Bio-Wad uses the same material as Gamebore’s recently announced Quad Seal, and is manufactured in-house by the company. As a full cup wad, however, it can be used with steel shot. The Quad Seal is designed to sit behind a traditional fibre wad, meaning it is best suited to lead shot loads.

Gamebore say that The Bio-Wad has petals with newly designed unique 45 degree overlapping edges, giving complete barrel protection.

They add “The high strength of the Bio-Wad means we can load not only standard steel loads but also high-performance steel cartridges for guns with the appropriate Fleur de Lys proof marks.”

The Bio-Wad cup encloses the full shot load
The fibre wad load uses a biodegradable Quad Seal

The wad is initially being used in Dark Storm game cartridges, loaded with precision steel shot in sizes 3, 4 and 5. The shells use Gamebore’s exclusive Alliant US double-base powder which, they say, gives outstanding downrange energy and all-weather performance that cannot be duplicated using single-base propellants. The new cartridges will be available to order in late August.

The company adds “This significant advancement in cartridge design and technology demonstrates our commitment to providing shooters with the latest innovation incorporated within the highest quality ammunition available.”

For more information, see the website:

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