FITASC Sporting selection dates announced

The 2015 selection dates for Britain’s FITASC Sporting team have been announced and will take place at St Dials, Highwaymans, Park Lodge and Kegworth.


The team comprises four Seniors, and three people each to represent the Veterans, Super Veterans, Juniors and Ladies categories, which are determined from the four events. The person with the highest score is awarded zero and for every target that other shooters are behind the winner, they are awarded that many points. If the High Gun score is 198, that person will earn zero points, and the Runner Up, with a score of 195, will earn three points. The competitors with the lowest number of points will be awarded a position on the team.

The dates are as follows:

14-15 March – St Dials Shooting Ground, Monmouthshire – 150 targets

2-3 May – Highwaymans Shooting School, Suffolk – 150 targets

13-14 June – Park Lodge Shooting School, Yorkshire – 200 targets

22-23 August – Kegworth Shooting Ground – Leicestershire – 150 targets

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