FEDECAT announces major 2016 championships in FAN32

Spinning propellor fans will be excited to hear that FEDECAT is launching several major events next year after a successful inaugural World Championship in September.


In March, there will be two Grand Prix competitions, one in Guadalajara, Mexico for the North America Championship and another in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the South America Championship.

04_FullSizeRender[2]In May, the European Championship will be shot in Valencia, then a month later will be another Grand Prix in La Fayette, USA.

Portugal will host a Grand Prix in July and on 31 October-6 November, the World Championship, a Grand Prix and the final of the World Cup will take place as FAN32 enthusiasts will return to Buenos Aires.

For more information, visit the FEDECAT website.

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One comment on “FEDECAT announces major 2016 championships in FAN32
  1. Juan Carlos Pezzetta says:

    Veo con agrado las fechas de las próximas tiradas año 2016, habieno tenido el honor de asistir en setiembre al campeonato del mundo en Madrid, espero poder realizar otro viaje con Fan 32. Gracias

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