Eley snaps up Caledonian Cartridges

Eley and Caledonian join forces

Caledonian Cartridge has changed its name after striking a deal with Eley Hawk.

The Caledonian Cartridge Company Holding Company Limited is now Cairngorm Sporting Supplies Limited (CSS).
The name change comes after Caledonian was transferred to Eley Hawk Ltd, which will now manufacture the current Caledonian loads, to the same recipes developed by Caledonian over 30 years, as well as introducing several new ones.
CSS will become the sole UK distributor for the entire Caledonian Cartridges range, as well as being appointed supplier for Eley Hawk in Scotland.
The main focus and distinctive feature of CSS will remain home delivery of cartridges and it will also continue to sell a range of shooting accessories. CSS also remains the main agent in Scotland for AYA shotguns.Alistair Troughton, CSS non-executive chairman, said: “The company is absolutely delighted to be entering into this arrangement with our very old friends at Eley Hawk. The strength, and size, of Eley Hawk, and their enormous manufacturing capability will give us the ability to grow Caledonian sales both north and especially south of the border, with scope for moving into new areas such as the clay pigeon shooting world, where we are keen to expand. We look forward to continuing our personal and trade relationships, as well as building many new ones.”
Eley Hawk chief executive Tomas Atienza Avila added: “We are very pleased to be the new owner of the Caledonian Cartridge brand. We have watched the rise of Caledonian cartridges over the past 30 years and know how well respected they are, having developed some world-class cartridges for the game shooting world. We look forward to working with Cairngorm Sporting Supplies and carrying on the Caledonian tradition with much excitement and anticipation.”

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