Eley Hawk goes bio with new wads

Eley Hawk aims to boost the environmental credentials of shooters with its VIP steel shot cartridges with new dissolvable and degradable wads.

Made with entirely organic, non-toxic materials, the new Pro Eco wad dissolves in 24 hours in water.

The clay cartridge will be ideal for grounds looking to reduce the amount of plastic they have to recycle.

There’s no plastic contained in the wad; once discarded, it breaks down over a three-month period and leaves no trace.

“The hydrosoluble wad is a testament to Eley Hawk’s commitment towards innovation,” said Eley Hawk’s managing director, Eduardo Hernando.

“We continuously work to lead shooting performance and make our cartridges the best in the industry and also reduce its impact on the environment. Now we can offer a cartridge with the two elements that are expelled from the front of the barrel of the shotgun – the shot and wad – having a limited, even positive impact on the environment.”

Initial samples will be available to see at the British Shooting Show this weekend, before full availability in April. Retail prices for the new VIP Steel cartridges are expected to be £330-350 per thousand for the game load and £280-£295 for the clay load.

More information: 0121 3523277, www.eleyhawkltd.com

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