Double Trap shooters prepare for Olympic Trap transition

British Shooting is offering support to Double Trap shooters that have recently had their Olympic ambitions dashed by the ISSF, after the federation submitted proposals to the International Olympic Committee recommending the discipline removal.

MAIN01The ISSF’s intention is to develop a more gender equal programme, and has instead recommended setting up a Mixed Trap team event. British Shooting announced its support of the ISSF’s stance as it wants to “protect the place of shooting sports in the Olympic Games.”

Some athletes have been selected to receive support and funding to help them move disciplines and will be required to meet a transitionary selection criteria to maintain their funding, which will be available up until September 2018. This funding will be granted based on the achievement of performance goals, performance trajectory, performance at domestic and Grand Prix events, and an athlete profile that demonstrates an ability to win a medal at the 2020 Olympic Games.

Matt French featured in last year’s Double Trap bronze-medal shoot-off at Rio 2016, and said: “I’ve been doing a great deal of research into Trap and Skeet disciplines. Both require a change of gun and there are technical and equipment changes to make. Thankfully, British Shooting hasn’t turned its back on us.”

Bronze-medal winner Steve Scott is transitioning to Olympic Trap and said: “Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to achievement my goals. it’s now a case of putting enough time and effort in and making sure I have the correct preparation to bring home more medals for Britain.”

Several national organisations have called on the ISSF to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting in an attempt to reverse the decision – including Italian, Canadian and Pakistani bodies – but British Shooting will not join in these calls.

For more on this in an exclusive interview with Double Trap up-and-comer Matt Coward-Holley, read the next issue of Clay Shooting.

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