Digweed, Hubner and Marshall battle royale

South Africa has seen a colossal shoot-off between three top names of Sporting.


Photo copyright Caroline Marshall

George Digweed, Tim Hubner and Mark Marshall shot their way on to two podiums at the Valley Gun Club in South Africa.

During the Africa Championship of FITASC, George finished on 193ex-200 to take High Gun, while Mark  pushed ahead of the home favourite Tim to take second place. A few days later, competition was even closer in the FITASC Compak Championship as Mark scored 98 on the first day then 100-straight on the second. Tim and George both straighted the second, but their first-day scores were 97 and 96, respectively, meaning Mark Marshall held on to the top spot.

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One comment on “Digweed, Hubner and Marshall battle royale
  1. Erik Grønvold says:

    Dear sir,
    Could you give Tim Hubner for me, thank you.
    I live in Copenhagen Denmark.
    I worked for Tim Hubners grandfather Mr. A. Hubner from 1964 to 1967 in Johannesburg in General Engraving and Embossing, I knew you father Eric when he was 13-14 years old, what happen to him the firm and the family.
    Many regards Erik Grønvold. My e-mail is erg@webspeed.dk

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