Digweed goes bubbly

George Digweed has launched his own brand of champagne

Multi world champion George Digweed has launched his own brand of champagne.

GD Champagne is made from 100 per cent Pinot Noir grapes that are grown in the champagne region of northern France by Gael Poinsot.

Gael is a keen clay shooter and met George during a world cup event some years ago. Since then Gael and George have been working together to design this fantastic champagne.

Gael has selected the finest grapes from his vineyard, which also supplies the LVMH group so his grapes are used in the production of world famous brands such as Don Perignon and Veuve Clicquot.

GD champagne comes in white or rosé and is sold in either standard sized bottles (£25) or magnum bottles (£60).

For more information or to place your order go to www.georgedigweed.com.

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