In the April 2015 edition of Clay Shooting, we wrote on page 114 that if a shooter finished in the top three in their category at the British and English Open, as well as in the top five in their class, that they would only be eligible to advance to one of the two shoot-offs on the super final day.

001 Cover_rev3.inddThis information was misunderstood during an interview with CPSA chief executive Nick Fellows at the British Shooting Show. Instead of the top three in the each of the categories being removed from the shoot-off, should they also feature in the class final, more people will be added to the three existing shooters, which might make it a four or five-person final. This will avoid there being a limited number taking part in multiple shoot-offs and keep the total number of shooters to 160 for the final day.

We apologise to any readers for the confusion caused by this information, and to the CPSA for mistake.

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