Clive and Helen Bowen top the Bedfordshire DTL County Championship

DSCF0444After some confusion over the date of the Bedfordshire DTL County Championship, the number of shooters attending was lower than in previous years, but it was still shot competitively.

With a stiff breeze to contend with, quite a few of Northampton Shooting Ground’s clays got away untouched, but Phil Coxall, a stalwart of many of Bedfordshire’s county shoots, was out early and posted a respectable score in the conditions.

On their way back from shooting the European and World DTL Championships in Ireland, Clive and Helen Bowen shot their rounds during the early afternoon and posted strong enough scores to take the top prizes in their categories.

Senior County DTL Champion Clive Bowen 91/269

Veteran County DTL Champion Phil Coxall 92/263

Ladies County DTL Champion Helen Bowen 78/216

In addition to the county success, Bedfordshire shooter Clive gained his first International cap for Wales at the recent DTL Home International in Northern Ireland. And the following week at Esker Shooting Ground in Ireland at the European DTL Championships, Clive won a silver medal as class Runner Up at the three-day shoot.

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