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The latest edition of Clay Shooting Magazine is now available!

In our August issue we’re delighted to have our first shoot reports this season. After months of lockdown, when we’ve concentrated on home training and gun maintenance tips, it’s great to be out reporting on real shoots once again!

In this issue you’ll find my report from the first CPSA registered events at Westfield, as well as a feature on the resumption of shooting at Ian Coley’s shooting school.

Our regular columnist Rhys Plum is back out shooting at various grounds, and discovers that all that time spent on gun mounting practice has paid dividends. Plus British Shooting coach Anita North has been able to get back on the range, to smash a few targets herself and to begin coaching again.

Also in this issue, Ben Cartwright makes a welcome return to tell us about having a custom stock made for his Caesar Guerini. Plus we’ve got an in-depth cartridge review on the remarkable Fiocchi Litespeed – a shell with slightly less lead, but a lot more velocity than most of us are used to. Is that a trade-off that could put more Xs on your card?

Then there’s our pick of the Top Ten semi-auto shotguns, Georgina Roberts has some useful vision training advice, we try the new Ed Lyons Vision Training kit, Andy Powell offers his tips on hitting those infuriating high driven targets, and much more.

As a lapsed subscriber to Clay Shooting you’ll miss out on all this great reading unless you take action now. You can buy a digital copy here, so you can read it straight away on your phone, computer or tablet.

Or better still take out a print or digital subscription so you can keep up with all the great content we’ve got planned over the coming months.

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