Cheap shots

Internet trolls have put Rachel Carrie in their sights.

Com Games 0034

Rachel shooting as a filler at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games


The abuse made headlines in national news this week after the Olympic Trap hopeful received harsh remarks from internet trolls.

One of Rachel’s recent posts on social media is a picture from her Facebook messages, in which a children’s entertainer wrote to her: “Your EVERYTHING that is wrong with the world, your a poor excuse for a woman and a human being.” (sic)



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One comment on “Cheap shots
  1. Matt Corrall says:

    what a horrible thing to say. Wouldn’t it be nice if these Internet bullies had the balls to say things to people’s faces. More importantly why is she everything that’s wrong with the world. I am quite happy to meet with this person and hear their reasons for this outburst. If you want to air your argument contact the magazine, they have the ability to reach me.

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