BREAKING: Podimore Shooting Ground saved from closure

Double Barrelled photographer Don Brunt has taken over Podimore Shooting Ground after Clay Shooting revealed last week that it was closing with the relocation of Kevin Newton.

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Don said that he is “thrilled” at the opportunity.

He has built up experience at Kingweston Shooting Ground this year running shoots and hopes to still hold a handful of events at the ground next summer, but his focus will shift to Podimore, which will retain its opening hours.

He said: “I’m still buzzing. I know it has its problems with Saturday opening hours, but we will try to work around that.”

Don is expected to keep up his journalistic and photography work at events when possible but admitted that the shooting ground might take up more of his time. He will make further announcements on the Kingweston Facebook page.

Please note that Clay Shooting magazine sent the September edition to the printers before this news took place, and will feature a story about Podimore closing.

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