Bedfordshire county selection shoot dates

The clay shooting squad selections for Bedfordshire across the disciplines have been released, with Sporting Targets, Tythe Farm and Northampton Shooting Ground featuring heavily.


Most of the Sporting and FITASC team selection shoots have taken place, but competitions for Olympic Skeet, ABT, All Round, English Skeet, Sportrap and DTL will take be happening on the following dates:

Olympic Skeet 6 May – Tythe Farm
ABT 28 May – Northampton Shooting Ground
All Round 11 June – Northampton Shooting Ground
English Skeet 23 July – Northampton Shooting Ground
Sportrap 9 September – Sporting Targets
DTL 10 September – Northampton Shooting Ground

To secure a place at the various selection shoots, contact Sporting Targets on 01234 708893.

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