BBC to bolster shooting coverage

After pressure from a report published by the BBC Trust, the corporation has committed to appoint a senior editor with responsibility for rural affairs.

The job will involve identifying three correspondents from regional and local newsrooms around the country to provide more material for national news about rural affairs – which could include clay shooting and other fieldsports.

Richard Ali of BASC said: “We welcome this report and the recognition by BBC management of the need to make improvements. I am also pleased to note the report calls for more emphasis on the economic and social life of the countryside. We hope that it will be properly reported and will be part of the beginning of better coverage of rural affairs.”


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One comment on “BBC to bolster shooting coverage
  1. peter simpson says:

    About time the Bbc got back to reporting events and not trying to steer public opinion. I believe their license is to “educate,inform and entertain” not to push an agenda

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