BASC proposes licence lengthening

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation has made a formal proposal for the extension of shotgun and firearms certificates from five years to 10. The organisation approached the government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, identifying that increasing the length of a certificate’s validity will improve enforcement and public safety while minimising the time and cost of administrating shotgun and firearms licensing for the police.


BASC chief executive Richard Ali spoke up on BASC’s proposal: “Extending the life of a firearm certificate from five to 10 years would reduce the administrative and cost burden on the police, allowing them to better target their resources and result in improved protection of public safety.

“The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) argued for the extension of a certificate from three to five years. This was introduced in 1995, on the basis that it would improve public safety while reducing bureaucracy. Extending a certificate to ten years would allow the police to focus on checking on potential problem cases rather than being caught in an endless whirl of bureaucracy. There have been significant advances in police databases, intelligence and reporting since certificate life was extended from three years to five. The police now receive notification of any individual certificate holder who comes to their attention and can quickly act to revoke a certificate or remove firearms as necessary.

“It is vital that the administration of the licensing system is managed properly, that police costs are kept down and that no excessive financial burden is placed on individual certificate holders.

“BASC’s proposal for a ten-year certificate would meet all of these requirements, driving down costs and making administration more streamlined, while allowing the police to concentrate on effective monitoring and enforcement. It is for these reasons that we have made our submission to Government.”

Clay Shooting will continue to keep you up to date on licensing laws and any potential changes.

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