Airgun Shooter issue 121 is on sale now!

The latest issue of Airgun Shooter Magazine is on sale now!

Crows and magpies have a reputation for being the wiliest of airgun quarry, but there are ways to make them drop their guard. Mat Manning shows how he uses a fake nest to bring these crafty corvids to book during springtime.

It was a case of friends reunited for Mat, who went on a hunting trip after woodies and squirrels with a very special gun: his first ever PCP. That rifle has been with him for 18 years, but hadn’t been taken into the field for ages.

Mike Morton carries out a lot of rifle and ammo testing, and has been running through the way he evaluates a new gun and makes it shoot its best. Mike’s also been shooting two new break-barrel springers from Winchester as well as the Beretta 92 FS – a high-end CO2 action pistol from Umarex, while Mat’s been taking a look at the F1 first focal plane scope from Professional Airgun Optics.

Richard Saunders has been getting the low-down on four chronographs. These devices have many more uses beyond keeping you legal, however, as they can help you determine the sweet spot on your PCP, identify any potential problems, and for you tinkerers out there, they can also help validate the effectiveness of your labours.

After howling at the moon about a new rifle purchase, Andy McLachlan decided to fork out for a Daystate Red Wolf. Was he pleased? You’ll have to find out. Meanwhile, Andy, a committed outdoorsman, has been heading indoors to find a type of shooting that’s very different to what he’s been used to, but is just as rewarding.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section, where we tackle your shooting-related queries about jammed magazines, caring for the seals on CO2 guns and what the term “tactical” really means.

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