What are the best premium clay competition cartridges?


Hull Sovereign Parcours 28 gram 6.5 plastic wad

This isn’t a cartridge for general use; it’s specialised for targets at the most extreme ranges. While most of us won’t require them for our regular clay shoots, they do provide the means to tackle some particularly tough targets; that includes clays that are physically hard to break as well as those at long distances.

Loaded into a smart, 70mm Cheddite case, the Parcours use a Z2 Baschieri & Pellagri wad and a single base, clean burning propellant, which produces high velocities with moderate pressure. The wad cup petals were found to open up consistently on examining fired wads.

As expected, the shot used is of superb quality – round, well polished with graphite, and extremely hard! With 5% antimony and being larger in diameter, the pellets gave an impressive 17% CV reading! The patterns tests revealed the Hull Parcours achieved remarkable average pattern densities, a full 10% tighter than the Imp Mod (65%) test barrel. This shows how large shot with high antimony content resists crushing, so that the cartridge can decimate clays at any distance.

With the combination of high initial velocity and large shot size, the Parcours shot will arrive a fraction quicker than similar, softer shot pellets. This can be helpful with reducing the long forward allowance required by fast, distant targets. Another high-performance premium cartridge from the Hull Sovereign range – not for the faint-hearted, but awesome performance! 


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One comment on “What are the best premium clay competition cartridges?
  1. Ian Westlake says:

    They all seem excellent cartridges, but no prices.. As a regular clay shooter and pensioner, surely there must be very good clean shot out there at an affordable price!

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