What are the best premium clay competition cartridges?


NSI Quattro Premium 28 gram No. 8 shot

Nobel Sport Italia (NSI) has, within its group, the capacity to make all the components required in shotgun cartridge manufacturing. These cartridges’ parallel plastic tube cases and primers are from Martignoni. The powder they use is Vectan 206, known for stability and clean-burning high performance.

Interestingly, NSI has gone outside its group in its choice of wad, selecting the new V Zero plastic cup wad made by leading producer Gualandi. This wad has precisely pre-moulded shot cup petals which, as retrieved fired wads showed, open up very reliably.

The shot load is high grade and, like some other premium brands, features a bright nickel like surface finish that earns it the label ‘Diamond shot’. Note that although the CV for this shot is larger than some, the shot is smaller, meaning it crushes more for similar hardness.

It is actually 5% antimony and in testing it produced quality patterns that exceeded the test barrel’s Imp Mod boring. Bearing in mind the cartridges’ high velocity (almost 400 metres/sec), these are excellent patterns. The results on clays showed that these No 8 shot cartridges are capable of smashing clays further away than might be expected.

Results like this show why Cheryl Hall and Mike Bartlett use this brand.


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One comment on “What are the best premium clay competition cartridges?
  1. Ian Westlake says:

    They all seem excellent cartridges, but no prices.. As a regular clay shooter and pensioner, surely there must be very good clean shot out there at an affordable price!

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