What are the best premium clay competition cartridges?


The Clever Mirage Pro Evo Extra

A cartridge with Olympic success running from 1960 to 2016 is obviously in the top division. Pro Evo is from the Clever Mirage Pro range, which has amassed 59 world and European records! The cartridges use premium F2 powder by Baschieri & Pellagri and Clever’s own specially developed Chromoflex plastic wad. The wad has its eight slim shot cup petals cut into it upon loading, ensuring the cup opens up fully on leaving the muzzle.

Now that is attention to detail!

The shot load is intriguing. Clever describe it as, “Special lead shot with high percentage of antimony, carbon/quartz processed, specially designed for hard or ecological clays and suitable for long distances.” They claim that it’s, “more spherical and 3% harder and heavier than normal lead shot, to keep high velocity over 35m.”

The velocity is quick without being mega-fast so recoil is manageable. The very hard, large, heavy shot is designed to retain its energy at long range. Everything is tuned to keep patterns tight and shot strings short; exactly what is required for maximum long range performance.


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One comment on “What are the best premium clay competition cartridges?
  1. Ian Westlake says:

    They all seem excellent cartridges, but no prices.. As a regular clay shooter and pensioner, surely there must be very good clean shot out there at an affordable price!

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