Vic Harker tests the Zoli Z-Extra Trap over-and-under shotgun


high quality drop-lock trigger Trap gun that incorporates a classic design immediately puts the Zoli Z-Extra up there with other options from famous names. Put alongside the Perazzi, which developed the concept for a target gun, there is now also the Beretta DT11, the successor to the DT10, the Spanish Kemen and the Renato Gamba, also made in Italy. A well-trodden path then but clearly one worth pursuing, as this type of gun now seems mandatory for clay target shooters at the highest levels of the game.

The action

A low profile action is also a prerequisite for top shooters and Zoli’s jointing of the barrels to the action is achieved by way of a bifurcated bolt moving forward through the breech face and locating with bites each side of the bottom barrel. Boss & Co and Purdey Woodward incorporate a similar arrangement, as does Perazzi from Italy, where the Zoli is manufactured. What is absent is the usual system of draws and wedges that locate at the internal sides of the action body in a gun of this design.

Where to buy

Stutley Gun Shop

North Road Farm, Ermine Way, Arrington, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 0AB

01223 208110

With its 43mm width, the Zoli’s action is still in the tradition of similar Italian guns that also possess strength and elegance. The detachable trigger group is coil spring powered and the geometry for the hammer sear engagement creates short, crisp pulls. It is, though, not so slick and quick to remove or reinstall and requires a certain knack that has to be learned.


Barrel making is Zoli’s speciality, and it is famous for its high quality, most particularly for double-barrelled rifles, the epitome of the barrel maker’s art. The Zoli’s 76mm monobloc barrels are no exception, accurately bored with the exterior of the tubes well struck off. The blacking employs a chemical dip

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